We invite you to take a walk through the past, while seeing your future in our 1925 City of Dreams.

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Now we have arrived at the final leg of our journey: Seth’s Abbey. In this part of the City you’ll find many attractions that were specifically designed with your dreams in mind. We begin in The Hunter's Den and we’re loaded for big game. Many of us are driven by the thrill of the hunt, whether we're aiming for a 10-point buck or a better life for our children and ourselves. The Hunter’s Den is home to many exciting hunting trophies from exotic locations around the world — it also serves as the office of Vice President, Karl Thomason. While Karl is active in all of the Prime companies, his specialty is Commercial Insurance. He helps all types and sizes of businesses determine what risks they face and the best methods available to handle that risk. Throughout the years, Karl has received many industry awards and honors. Karl is an avid hunter. While his office has many wildlife statues and hunting related items, the mounted ducks and the zebra rug in the Hunter’s Den are his own personal trophies.


Next door to The Hunter’s Den we find Faraway Places; styled after an old-fashioned travel agency. Many of our clients’ dreams involved travel and in this office you can dream about all the exciting locations that you would love to visit one day. For Prime Insurance Agency, this office is actually is the servicing center for our business insurance clients.

Through Morrison’s Courtyard we can enter either Jewell’s Horseless Carriage Sales or Estate Properties ByJulia. Many clients dreams are real estate or motor vehicle related. Some desire a different type of home, a vacation home, a new or antique car, boats, ATVs, or a motorcycle and the offices portray dreams of this nature. In our working environment, these offices are the servicing centers for our individual and family insurance clients.

Seth's Abby

Our journey ends at “Rose Petals” the City of Dreams flower shop. The shop is a beautifully restored flower vendor’s cart that once rolled along the cobblestone streets of New York City.

We hope that you have found something here in our little city that speaks to your dreams and aspirations.

The Prime Family of Companies can help you as you journey through life. As an advisor and a friend, we will walk beside you during times of joy, sadness or transition and help keep you focused on your dreams and the future.