We invite you to take a walk through the past, while seeing your future in our 1925 City of Dreams.

1,000 Marbles

As you round the corner by the YMCA, you will enter the Financial District - the land of ticker tape and stock certificates. At the entrance to Wall Street is a beautiful old iron gate that was found in an antique shop in Savannah, Georgia. Stepping onto the main thoroughfare, you’ll pass by many exciting attractions. The first is the Majestic Theater. Nowhere do the lights shine brighter than on Broadway and this little area of the City of Dreams is dedicated to the magic and mystery of theater. Here you’ll find ornate theater masks and mementoes from the early days of Broadway and silent films. There is also a large Phantom of the Opera poster, signed by the original cast.


The Ticker Tape Game Parlour is a place where families can enjoy playing board games together. And there are lots to choose from — most with a financial theme: The Big Board, the MOR-FUN Stock Exchange, Bulls and Bears and, of course, the all-time favorite, Monopoly.

As you relax at the Raging Bull Bistro you’ll be serenaded by the trills of a pair of crested cockatiels. You will feel as if you’re sitting in a street cafe in Paris. Beautiful furnishings and floral arrangements of every description surround you. A large fountain, filled with flowers, stands at the center of Bear & Bull Park, which is just across the courtyard.

The Financial District

At our next stop, you’ll meet Jolene Dingler, AU, AAI, at Jolene's Collectibles. Jolene is the Executive Manager of Prime Family Companies and a Life and Health Insurance agent. Jolene was also the designer for the “City of Dreams”. Jolene’s Collectibles is filled from wall to wall with a menagerie of antique and vintage dolls. These dolls have made their way to the City of Dreams from all around the globe, including some from as far away as Rome, Italy. Whether made of porcelain or vinyl, these little creations have been lovingly crafted to bring joy to girls of all ages.

The nerve center of the Financial District is the office of the President, Alfred Dingler, CLU, ChFC; otherwise known as Kauffman’s Exchange. Alfred founded the Prime Insurance Agency and Prime Financial Services, the cornerstones of the businesses more commonly know as The Prime Family of Companies. Alfred is an insurance consultant, a registered representative, a FINRA arbitrator and a Collabrative Law Certified Financial Neutral. Throughout the years, Alfred has received many industry awards and honors.

One of the things you’ll notice in Alfred's office is the enormous apothecary cabinet which has been fully restored. But instead of lotions and bromides, this cabinet houses the things that inspire Alfred the most — things which represent both leisure and accomplishment. For instance, there is a board game called “Game of the Telegraph Boy” which was manufactured in 1876. And, among many fine collectibles, there are statues and figurines of bulls — many, many bulls, both large and small. This is a reflection of Alfred’s personal philosophy. There is always an advantageous position to be taken in any market. Whether the economic times are good or bad there are always opportunities to be found. It is with this win-win thinking that Alfred approaches every investment decision. He listens to your specific situation, goals and needs and then seeks to maximize your investment dollar for you, while keeping an eye toward maintaining a strong, long-term relationship. Throughout the ups and downs of the market, it is his goal to stand beside you on this and every part of your journey through life.